Insurance Needs Audit is an assessment of your situation as a provider to your family and a key person within the company as well exposure to the viability of key persons and situations outside your control – so called Black Swan events. Insurance cover is considered by many as a necessary evil – until such time as it is triggered by an event and becomes the difference between a business’s ability to continue or liquidate.

As a business owner your net worth is likely buried in the company and the company’s value is equally tied to you. If you die, the value of the firm will be impacted, creating a “Value Gap” between projected family needs and the value of the business at time of sale. This is an essential element of designing appropriate coverage.

Eighty20 Tools:

  • Cost to replace analysis on assets and key staff
  • Life insurance coverage review on key staff
  • Buy Sell agreement review
  • Business value analysis impact with loss of key staff

Price: $1150