What we do

Company value enhancement, business development, and preparation for acquisition or divestiture.

You are a business owner dealing with immediate issues, challenges and opportunities.  We offer support for sales growth and the longer term issues in the management of your business operations.  We address current continuity and protection of your equity value, profit enhancement, organic growth, growth by acquisition, and your role in the business as you prepare for your eventual departure.

Our operations audits and benchmark reports lead to recommendations on changes in structure, operations and market development practices. We advise financial service firms on the merits of increasing their book of business through acquisitions. Our goal is to continuously increase the value of the company as a realizable asset. This includes periodic valuation determination as a metric of progress towards a secure retirement. Your benefit is that, when you leave the business, it provides the maximum return on your invested time and capital. .In the event you were to exit the business unexpectedly – your family and the company are adequately protected.

Protection takes the form of a continuity plan addressing death or disability – you/a partner/a key employee. Issues include ownership of equity, management succession and accelerated sale strategies. You have a responsibility to provide continuity to ensure that the wealth in the company is managed to meet your family, employee, and community objectives. Our role is to support that goal while you continue to run the company.


Are You Prepared

Realization of the maximum value in a company takes time – decision on whether or not to grow the firm – decision to leave – determination of date of departure – assessment of your operations – selection of your exit transition team. We position your company to justify top valuation, with benchmarking to show the buyer that the company is sound, and a valuation determination that is both a defensible asking price and acceptable as the basis for an earn-out transaction.

Do you have the firepower you need?

If your business asset is large enough, it is advisable to engage service providers, covering, accounting, taxation, banking, finance, insurance, and law. You are in a game where errors can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, so go to bat with the right team. Managing all the various team members is a task in itself, when the time comes to depart we will act as the Hub and bring the skills to the task as needed, enabling you to continue managing to the finish line.

In the transition period an external opinion of how well you are doing is valuable. Do not believe your own press, learning at the 11th hour that your business is NOT worth what you thought is a bad time to adjust retirement expectations. We are known for honest opinions and constructive confrontation of difficult issues.

Who Will Hold You Accountable

Business owners have a universal problem – you are the decision makers, and nobody holds you accountable for those decisions. The largest barrier to deciding on a timely exit is procrastination. We offer a service to remind you of the rationale for the priorities you set, and we hold you accountable to achieve the timeline you committed to.

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