Allen Duck, Founder [Cell 970 412 6759]

Allen has over 20 years experience in business management in the USA and internationally, working for public companies in marketing, sales and Allen Duckoperations, before founding two business and successfully selling both.  His business strategy skills include: business analysis, efficiency improvement, forward planning, implementation of business continuity plans, deal structure and negotiation.

Eighty20 Advisers LLC was founded following a period working for a Wealth Management Firm, during which he  negotiated the acquisition of several financial service companies. It became evident that Small Businesses in general are poorly prepared for succession or exit. For companies looking to grow expansion by acquisition may appear attractive but it demands a different management strategy, equally selling a business and ensuring the value is realized demands preparation and planning not normally associated to the daily operations of a Small business.

The Eighty20 Program™  brings attention to issues that all business owners need to understand and consider continuously if they are to protect their equity and maximize the value of the company when they execute a strategic plan for growth or a planned exit. Our services aim to maximize a future opportunity whether it is gaining the most value from the entity that you have created or the creation of an expansion plan that includes the acquisition of assets and skills in your market space.

David CunninghamDavid Cunningham, Associate [Cell 970 988 4080]

David has over 30 years experience spanning the glass industry, bulk chemicals, medical devices, biotechnology, and software. His public company roles included sales, product management, and radionuclide facility plant management. David has been a founder in six companies, one sold to 3M, another listed on the Australian stock exchange.

He has consulted to Mitsubishi Electric and assisted in MDS Nordion’s acquisition of Sauerwein AG, and Ossur’s acquisition of Flexfoot. His  business transition skills include sales process efficiency improvement and recognition of hidden value and the realization of its value.

Before the foundation of Eighty20 Advisors David provided business development consulting services and owned a peer advisory group franchise, The Alternative Board™ TAB. This was an education in real world management, where he learned the importance of preparation for business sale and succession.

We cannot emphasize strongly enough your need for implementation of business continuity and business exit strategies – even if the idea of retiring is a few years away.

Rob Phillips, Legal [Cell 970 672-6269]Rob Phillips

Rob Phillips is an attorney with over fifteen years of experience in transactional, corporate and regulatory law advising a diverse range of clients. He has provided contract in-house business oriented legal advisory services to clients from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Rob has effectively counseled clients on ensuring compliance with a wide variety of federal and state regulations as well as successfully negotiated complex commercial agreements in the fields of energy, utilities, biosciences, life-sciences, pharmaceuticals, software and information technology.  Rob began consulting after working in the law firm environment and as in-house counsel. Through his experiences he found that there was a need for advisory services combining both a legal and business background to assist in providing essential legal risk mitigation guidance without losing focus of the underlying business objectives.  Rob’s expertise is drafting and negotiating complex contracts, licenses, agreements and leases. His services have included IT systems infrastructure implementation; ROI-focused GIS Solutions; business development strategy; healthcare policy development; biomedical product research and development; project financing; debt restructuring; Smart Grid deployment; benchmarking reports; reliability analysis and expert witness testimony.  His diverse background includes providing guidance on risk management, corporate governance, regulatory compliance; asset acquisition; managing and protecting intellectual property; business formation, planning and development.

Review: “Eighty20 Advisors provides advice with refreshing clarity, candor, and originality.  They delivered value at every stage of our engagement.”

Review: “I really did not know what market development process could work for me. Now I do. My initial enquiry of Eighty20 Advisors expanded dramatically once we got into the weeds of what my firm does.  Their insight and simple approach made it easy for my staff to adapt and capture new customer opportunities.”

Review: “These guys teach and that made all the difference. Anyone can buy a report, how you use the information is what counts and David made sure we used the reports effectively.”