Plan with the End in Mind !

EIGHTY/20 Advisors uses an innovative thought process to deliver business management insights around:-

Market segmentation,  Sales strategy and execution,  Business value creation and Exit strategy planning.


…and corporate counseling.  We have developed a pragmatic process for review of business operations and overall managerial effectiveness.  You don’t know what you don’t know, and this can cost you many thousands of dollars.

Business Value

Equity value is the ultimate goal for every business owner. In a sale it has to reflect fair market value to the seller but on the other hand it has to justify financing and the opportunity for a fair return on investment to a buyer.  Eighty/20 Advisors coordinates value creation and protection by effectively managing company resources.


Business planning and growth are dependent on a clear perspective of the company’s past performance, market size and ability to access the market opportunity. Convergent analysis and development of appropriate actions lead to successful execution. ..

Plan Development - Few companies consider market segmentation and sales as their core strengths.  Your firm could benefit from our experience.  Our process includes 80/20 analysis to identify where you make most of your profit and where you incur most of your costs, review of SWOT and other operational metrics.

Owners – Your business probably represents 75% of your net worth and most of your income. If not protected, events beyond your control could destroy 30% of your firm’s value in the blink of an eye. We enable you to protect this core asset, determine a finance-able valuation, and position yourself for a well-managed sale or succession. Our process includes operations audits, bench marking, and risk assessment. The exit process is outlined in our guidebook, “Get Out Alive”.

Acquirers  - Technology and management  efficiencies enable profitable management of ever larger firms.   Eighty/20 Advisors assesses your company’s philosophy, capacity  and bench strength to absorb a target firm and counsels on the required resources, match of business market space and structure.

We wrote the  Guidebooks: “Get Out Alive!” “You Can Take it with you!” and “Acquire?”

Get Out Alive! is an Easy Read guidebook for business owners who recognize that they cannot run their business forever, and wish to optimize their business value, the exit process and the ease of execution.

You can Take it to the Bank! is an outline of valuation principles for the small business owner.

Acquire? Discusses the process of acquiring business specifically in the Financial Services Industry

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